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Challenege 1 Winner

Since only one image was voted on, the winner of Challenge 1 is:

Congrats to
[info]mercadia_kenobi !
Poll #1038025 Challenge 1 Voting

Vote for 1 Icon (since there were only 3 entries)


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TOW Monica & Chandler's WeddingCollapse )

1. Must be a member to participate
2. Make your own fresh icons
3. Animation not permitted.
4. Members can submit up to 3 icons
5. LJ standards apply. (100x100, 40kb)
6. Do not post or use your entered icon ANYWHERE until the challenge is over.
7. All entries will be screened.
8. Submit your entry to this post with the picture and the url.
9. Only use the pictures supplied.
10. Entries due on August 3, 2007 August 10, 2007, by 12:00 am CDST

Total Entries: 3